Reviews for my debut novel Walking up a Slide (click the image for the larger version)

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From Lee Tomes, Creative Director of Create Film Productions:

Having worked with Daley on several projects over the last couple of years I can confidently say that he is a highly creative and skilled writer, specifically when it comes to narration and storytelling. He will always deliver work of the highest quality and remain focused and committed helping deliver what you need. Daley is really easy to get on with and I would recommend him to all.

From Kim Moore, Director of K G Moore Marketing:

Daley has been a lifesaver. He’s interpreted briefs extremely well and has turned great copy around in very little time. I shall be using Daley on a regular basis.

From Aaron Osteraas, Content Network Editor, Site 5:

Daley is a phenomenal writer, clear, concise, and consistent in his approach. It has been a pleasure to work with him over the last 18 months.


Professional Feedback on Feature Length Screenplays

Read feedback for my latest screenplay LIFE EVENT here.

“This script had a tender heart despite its raunchy dialogue and subject matter, and the portrait the script painted of the hero is one that is very identifiable. Anyone who’s ever pined over “the one that got away,” or felt like they had no direction in life will relate to Jason, this film’s protagonist.”

“The script avoided falling into the trap that many would-be “slice of life” dramatic comedies fall into — and because of that, the world of the script always felt authentic and real.”

“A strong independent-minded director would probably be able to turn this script into a great dramatic comedy with a lot of heart and more than a few raunchy jokes.”

“The script has a lot of funny moments. Much of the humour comes via sharp dialogue with a lot of great observational humour. This is a strong guy-centred film that handles the humorous and emotional content well. Jason is a likeable – and relatable – protagonist who the audience is rooting for the whole time.”

“The audience is left with an honest portrayal of the leads romantic life.”

“The film knows how to play up the heart of its premise, hitting every emotional nail on the head.”

All feedback via The Black List

Here are a few kind words about my work from people across the various platforms I have worked from in the past:

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