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It’s been a while… Hope everybody who has subscribed to my ramblings is having a great 2016 so far. Fingers crossed it’s a busy and productive one. I’m certainly aiming for that. I’ve been working hard on my screenplay for The Night Force, which I’m really hoping will get some attention on The Black List and get me some work when I start firing it out to agents, companies, etc. I think I’ve completed… Read More

Philmscribe Script Consultancy Testimonials

If you want to improve as a writer, you need to stop being precious and hand it over to somebody who knows what sells, what works and what doesn’t, and who can take your material and look at it without an emotional connection, critiquing it based on its merits. There’s not much point handing your script or novel over to your Mum, Dad, hamster or best friend, if they’re just going to… Read More


The internet has enabled writers from all walks of life to forge careers that might have been beyond them otherwise, and none more so than screenwriters. Before the web, screenplays would be written, printed, posted out to agents and film companies and might never have been heard from again. If you were lucky, you might have been sent the script back in a stamped addressed envelope. These days, screenwriters who are just… Read More

Create 50

I love a good screenwriting competition, or a project that gets you energised and thinking creatively on your feet. Last year, there was 50 KISSES, in which screenwriters were given the task of writing a two-page screenplay about a kiss. It could be in any genre, as long as locking lips was the central theme. My screenplay was A KISS AT THE END OF THE WORLD (read it here), and it was… Read More

Pet Hates

Yesterday I finished the first draft (or the ‘kitchen sink draft’ as I like to call it) of a horror-comedy screenplay called PET HATES, which already has a DVD quip of “THE BIRDS meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD!” attached. I love to do that, it makes your non-writer friends who wish you’d shut up about it sit up and take notice, if only for eight seconds. PET HATES was written in a… Read More


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