Daley James Francis


5 Stars at SelfPublishingReview.com

“British through-and-through, from the shaggy-dog “lad culture” feel to locally-sourced details. Suffice to say, the characters and dialogue are a riot in this book, with parts that had me absolutely roaring with laughter. Francis has translated the tale of the highs and lows of machismo in British culture perfectly to the novel format. Despite its casual demeanor, the book is professionally put together, complete with its charming cover. Recommended.” – Self-Publishing Review,… Read More

Pet Hates

Yesterday I finished the first draft (or the ‘kitchen sink draft’ as I like to call it) of a horror-comedy screenplay called PET HATES, which already has a DVD quip of “THE BIRDS meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD!” attached. I love to do that, it makes your non-writer friends who wish you’d shut up about it sit up and take notice, if only for eight seconds. PET HATES was written in a… Read More

Based on a True Story… Witnessed by Drunks. I’m very excited to announce that my latest novel SOMERFLIP is now available to purchase as a Paperback via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. The Kindle Edition will follow in April 2015, but I’ll keep you posted. Don’t forget to head over to my Amazon Author Page to see my other books, including potty-mouthed rom-com WALKING UP A SLIDE, and my children’s adventure THIS BOOK BELONGS TO. More information about… Read More

My third novel, SOMERFLIP, is a black comedy about small town legends and reputations, father and sons, machismo and beer. Here is a Q&A I did with a friend that’ll give you a little more insight into the origins of the story, what it’s about, and all that jazz. What is Somerflip about? Local legends, stories and people who become larger than life based on people’s accounts of their lives and actions…. Read More

Based on a true story… Witnessed by drunks. My third novel, SOMERFLIP, has been shipped off to my lovely editor (who will beat the crap out of it in her beautifully brilliant way), and I’m really excited about it. The novel is a short and sweet story about fathers and sons, machismo, small town reputations and good beer. It takes place over 24 hours in a small town in the East Midlands, where… Read More


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