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“There’s this gnawing sense as you type your script: “Maybe I’m just doing this. Maybe this is just for Mum. Maybe she’ll read this and no one else will…”” – Screenwriter/Director Shane Black It doesn’t matter if you’re a screenwriter, a novelist, a blogger or a journalist. If you’re a writer, there will have been a time when you’ve sat at your desk with your head in your hands and wanted the… Read More


The internet has enabled writers from all walks of life to forge careers that might have been beyond them otherwise, and none more so than screenwriters. Before the web, screenplays would be written, printed, posted out to agents and film companies and might never have been heard from again. If you were lucky, you might have been sent the script back in a stamped addressed envelope. These days, screenwriters who are just… Read More

Be Careful When Using Jobs Boards for Writing Gigs

The web has made it a great deal easier for writers to find clients and one-off writing gigs, and one of the best ways to find them is to use jobs boards. With more writers able to become self-sufficient due to the more writing gigs being made available via job sites, agencies, marketers and writers who have jobs boards on their sites, it has never been easier for writers to find paid… Read More

Man vs Procrastination: Set Yourself Writing Challenges

Writing is a tough profession at the best of times, but if you are blocked, uninspired or just flat-out procrastinating, it can be even harder. Sitting down at the typewriter is the last thing you want to do in this situation, but sometimes you have to keep trucking. It’s easier said than done, but one way to win the battle of Man versus Procrastination is to set yourself challenges. Writing goals are… Read More

I wrote my first screenplay in 1995. It was called Dirty Cash and I was 14. It was 65 pages long when I finished it. Then somebody told me the “one-to-one page count” theory and I padded it out to 100 pages. All I did was add gunfights, monologues and huge dialogue scenes for no reason other than to make it a feature-length screenplay. I didn’t stop to think that the issue might… Read More


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