Daley James Francis


5 Stars at SelfPublishingReview.com

“British through-and-through, from the shaggy-dog “lad culture” feel to locally-sourced details. Suffice to say, the characters and dialogue are a riot in this book, with parts that had me absolutely roaring with laughter. Francis has translated the tale of the highs and lows of machismo in British culture perfectly to the novel format. Despite its casual demeanor, the book is professionally put together, complete with its charming cover. Recommended.” – Self-Publishing Review,… Read More

“There’s this gnawing sense as you type your script: “Maybe I’m just doing this. Maybe this is just for Mum. Maybe she’ll read this and no one else will…”” – Screenwriter/Director Shane Black It doesn’t matter if you’re a screenwriter, a novelist, a blogger or a journalist. If you’re a writer, there will have been a time when you’ve sat at your desk with your head in your hands and wanted the… Read More

Based on a True Story… Witnessed by Drunks. I’m very excited to announce that my latest novel SOMERFLIP is now available to purchase as a Paperback via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. The Kindle Edition will follow in April 2015, but I’ll keep you posted. Don’t forget to head over to my Amazon Author Page to see my other books, including potty-mouthed rom-com WALKING UP A SLIDE, and my children’s adventure THIS BOOK BELONGS TO. More information about… Read More

The films and books that I grew up with – and the ones I have enjoyed as an adult – were all I thought about during the creation, outlining, writing, editing and production process of THIS BOOK BELONGS TO. It was impossible not to gauge and judge them against other projects, even if I knew that it would probably be nowhere near as good as them! With that in mind, I’ve compiled… Read More


THIS BOOK BELONGS TO, my action-adventure novel for children aged 9-12, is out now as a Paperback, and will hit electronic bookshelves from February 15th. It’s about this time that I start to reflect on a project, and wonder how on earth I managed to get to this point. In the spirit of Special Edition DVD’s, I thought I would write a ‘Making of’ blog about the novel, as much for me… Read More


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