Based on a True Story… Witnessed by Drunks.

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Somerflip is a funny and dramatic look at small town myths and legends, which are nearly always created by people who have consumed too much ale.

In a small town in the East Midlands, two twenty-something bricklayers, Gavin and Neil, have finished for the week, and head to their local pub to discuss everything from pooper-scoopers to the smoking habits of three year olds.

After a few pints, the subject turns to Rob Thomas, a local man blessed with a punch from Zeus. Rumour has it he caused a man to do a full somersault with one punch. Suffice to say, Gavin and Neil are his biggest fans.

The mood changes when Rob’s victim turns up at the pub with a sinister looking friend. A violent retribution has been planned for Rob, and he will soon realise that a ‘hardest man in town’ reputation means nothing when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun.

Set over one Saturday night and a Sunday morning in October, Somerflip is a story of love, family inherited reputations, violence, and the appreciation of sophisticated alcoholic beverages.

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