Are There Really Benefits to Writing Things By Hand?

I know that many screenwriters – including Quentin Tarantino – write in long-hand, but I don’t think I’d be able to do it now. My arm would probably fall off after two pages. Technology has destroyed me.

This piece makes me want to try and write my next novel in long-hand, just to see what difference it makes. All I need to do is stop using the laptop now. Easier said than done…


Most office-working adults in America spend their days hunched over a computer, tapping at keys to form words on a screen. Very few use a notebook or spend time writing. Even those of us whose professional occupation is “writer” tend to spend far less time writing with a pen in hand than they do typing.

Of course, as with so many things that are perceived as old-timey, writing by hand has become if not a modern necessity, then a trend. Cursive lessons have become all the vogue in some circles and is credited with helping dyslexic students. J. K. Rowling famously wrote the Harry Potter series on napkins. Handwriting has been elevated to the highest levels of art, be it the digitally collected ecriture infinie or Brooklyn Museum’s exhibit on artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s notebooks.

Jumping on the bandwagon too is Bic, the pen company, which has launched a…

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