CREATE 50 presents THE IMPACT: 50 Writers. 50 Filmmakers. One Movie.

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I love a good screenwriting competition, or a project that gets you energised and thinking creatively on your feet. Last year, there was 50 KISSES, in which screenwriters were given the task of writing a two-page screenplay about a kiss. It could be in any genre, as long as locking lips was the central theme. My screenplay was A KISS AT THE END OF THE WORLD (read it here), and it was a great little experience.

This year, CREATE 50, the team behind 50 KISSES, have come up with a host of new projects, but the one that I’ve focussed on is THE IMPACT, which is an amazing opportunity for screenwriters and filmmakers to collaborate, gain feedback and generally just get your work out into the world.

The premise of THE IMPACT is fairly simple: A meteor is going to hit Earth in 97 minutes, and screenwriters are given the task of writing a two-page screenplay that focusses on the human stories that come during those 97 minutes, when the characters will know that humanity is coming to an end.

My creative brain went into overdrive, and I wrote two screenplays for the project. But that wasn’t the coolest thing about it. What was amazing was the level of response I received from fellow writers, who were full of praise and encouragement, but also constructive in their feedback and criticism. As writers know, getting feedback is an essential part of writing, and growing a thick skin is just as important. The scripts I’ve entered were far better the second time around as a result.

The CREATE 50 project is £5 to enter (around $7.50 for US writers), and you can enter three scripts into the project. A great bonus is that your redraft submissions are free (you can enter up to three drafts for each script). I’ve spent £10 on my two scripts and received invaluable feedback and encouragement as a result. If that isn’t worth the price of three pints, I don’t know what is.

Once you’ve entered your scripts, you’ll start to get feedback and ratings from your script, and league tables are created based on ratings, latest uploads and most popular scripts. Writers are encouraged to give a little back by reading and reviewing other scripts. After all, it’s good to give a little back, and you learn a lot from reading other scripts.

Create 50 The Impact League Tables

Below are the screenshots of my script pages, complete with feedback from other creatives:

You can read THE DECIDER, my first entry, here

The Decider   Create 50

My second entry, THE FIRST AND FINAL CONFESSION OF BILLY TAYLOR, can be read here.

The First and Final Confession of Billy Taylor   Create 50

Get involved, help your fellow screenwriters and filmmakers, and get your writing out into the world. These opportunities are too good to pass up. Congrats to Chris Jones and his team for continuing to come up with these great projects. Long may they continue.

Follow CREATE 50 on Twitter @Create50 to keep up with all the latest scripts and project developments.

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    • You’re welcome, Chris. I’m happy to share it, and to be a part of it! :)


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