Great Dialogue Exchanges – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Nothing sums up Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy better than these two words: Bold choices. In Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan and his team took risks with material that could quite easily be made terrible in lesser hands, and took it in directions that weren’t safe or camp, and was true to the world that it was based on.

Just taking Batman Begins as an example: Who else would’ve kept Batman out of the suit for the first hour? Who else would’ve pitted our hero against lesser-known villains like The Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul instead of The Joker? Who else could’ve pulled off having five villains in one film (Henri Ducard, Ra’s al Ghul, Falcone, The Scarecrow, Katie Holmes).

Everybody went ape-shit for Heath Ledger’s Joker, and for good reason, but the bold choices that Ledger made with the character were allowed to happen because Nolan trusted his decisions and his instincts, and the same goes for Tom Hardy’s Bane, who is the Darth Vader of this generation. The voice, the design; everything is perfect.

Take this scene below, which is the one I have chosen for this edition of Great Dialogue Exchanges. Bane has just defeated Batman and taken him to the pit where he was born and raised. It is another great example of Nolan giving his films space to breathe, and he builds Bane’s legend in a superb monologue that cements him as one of the greatest cinematic villains of our time. Just look at the eyes when Bane finishes a sentence with “…Stay in the sun.”

Hardy was able to show the years of anger and torment in his character just by using his eyes, and it compliments his backstory and plans for Bruce perfectly. Watch it, love it, and tip your hat to Hardy, Ledger, and especially Nolan. It’s all about bold choices.

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